27 CFR § 20.193 - Articles for export.

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§ 20.193 Articles for export.

(a) Articles approved without qualification, including articles made in accordance with one of the general-use formulas in §§ 20.111 through 20.124, may be exported without restriction.

(b) For each article for which the approved formula is endorsed “For Export Only” the manufacturer shall:

(1) Label the immediate container to clearly show that the article is for export (for example, with the words “For export only”, “Not for sale in the United States”, or “Manufactured for sale in ___”);

(2) Mark the shipping containers and cases with the words “For Export”;

(3) Export the article directly; and

(4) Retain appropriate documentation, such as invoices and bills of lading, as evidence that the article was, in fact, exported.

(c) All articles for export shall comply with the applicable requirements of the countries to which they are sent.

[T.D. TTB-140, 81 FR 59460, Aug. 30, 2016]