27 CFR § 20.235 - Disposition to another user.

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§ 20.235 Disposition to another user.

(a) A user may dispose of specially denatured spirits to another permittee or Government agency.

(b) The user shall prepare a record of shipment in accordance with § 20.171. The packages to be shipped shall bear the name and permit number of the user and the marks and labels required under § 20.178. The user's copy of the record of shipment shall include an explanation of the reason for the disposition.

(c) The appropriate TTB officer may require a user to apply for and obtain a dealer's permit, if shipments under this section are excessive.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 1513–0062)
[T.D. ATF–199, 50 FR 9162, Mar. 6, 1985, as amended by ATF–332, 57 FR 40849, Sept. 8, 1992; T.D. TTB–140, 81 FR 59456, Aug. 30, 2016]