27 CFR § 20.42 - Data for application, Form 5150.22.

§ 20.42 Data for application, Form 5150.22.

(a) Unless waived under § 20.43, each application on Form 5150.22 shall include as applicable, the following information:

(1) Serial number and purpose for which filed.

(2) Name and principal business address.

(3) Based on the bona fide requirements of the applicant, the estimated quantity of all formulations of specially denatured spirits, in gallons, which will be procured during a 12-month period.

(4) Location, or locations where specially denatured spirits will be sold or used if different from the business address.

(5) Statement that specially denatured spirits will be stored in accordance with the requirements of this part.

(6) For user applications, statement as to the intended use (e.g., cosmetics, external medicines, solvents, fuels, mouthwashes, laboratory uses, inks, etc.) to be made of the specially denatured spirits, and whether recovery, restoration, and redenaturation processes will be used.

(7) Statement as to the type of business organization and of the persons interested in the business, supported by the items of information listed in § 20.45.

(8) Listing of the principal equipment to be used in recovery processes, including processing tanks, storage tanks, and equipment for recovery, restoration, and redenaturation of denatured spirits (including the serial number, kind, capacity, names and addresses of manufacturer and owner of distilling apparatus along with intended use).

(9) List of trade names under which the applicant will conduct operations, and the offices where these names are registered.

(10) Listing of the titles of offices, the incumbents of which are responsible for the specially denatured spirits activities of the business and are authorized by the articles of incorporation, the bylaws, or the board of directors to act and sign on behalf of the applicant.

(11) Other information and statements as the appropriate TTB officer may require to establish that the applicant is entitled to the permit. In the case of a corporation or other legal entity, the appropriate TTB officer may require information which establishes that the officers, directors and principal stockholders whose names are required to be furnished under § 20.45 (a)(2) and (c) have not violated or conspired to violate any law of the United States relating to intoxicating liquor or have been convicted of any offense under Title 26, U.S.C., punishable as a felony or of any conspiracy to commit such offense.

(b) If any of the information required by paragraphs (a)(4) through (a)(10) and any information which may be required under paragraph (a)(11) of this section is on file with any appropriate TTB officer, the applicant may incorporate this information by reference by stating that the information is made a part of the application.