27 CFR 21.151 - List of denaturants authorized for denatured spirits.

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§ 21.151 List of denaturants authorized for denatured spirits.

Following is an alphabetical listing of denaturants authorized for use in denatured spirits:

Denaturants Authorized for Completely Denatured Alcohol (C.D.A), Specially Denatured Alcohol (S.D.A.), and Specially Denatured Rum (S.D.R.)

Acetaldehyde S.D.A. 29.
Acetone, U.S.P S.D.A. 23-A, 23-H.
Acetaldol C.D.A. 18.
Almond oil, bitter, N.F.X S.D.A. 38-B.
Alpha Terpineol S.D.A. 38-B.
Ammonia, aqueous S.D.A. 36.
Ammonia solution, strong, N.F S.D.A. 36.
Anethole, N.F S.D.A. 38-B.
Anise oil, N.F S.D.A. 38-B.
Bay oil (myrcia oil), N.F.XI S.D.A. 23-F, 38-B, 39-D.
Benzaldehyde, N.F S.D.A. 38-B.
Benzene S.D.A. 2-B, 2-C, 12-A.
Bergamot oil, N.F.XI S.D.A. 23-F. 38-B.
Bone oil (Dipple's oil) S.D.A. 17.
Boric acid, N.F S.D.A. 38-F.
Brucine alkaloid S.D.A. 40.
Brucine sulfate, N.F.IX S.D.A. 40.
n-Butyl alcohol S.D.A. 44.
tert-Butyl alcohol S.D.A. 39, 39-A, 39-B, 40, 40-A, 40-B, 40-C.
Camphor, U.S.P S.D.A. 27, 27-A, 38-B.
Caustic soda, liquid S.D.A. 36.
Cedar leaf oil, U.S.P.XIII S.D.A. 38-B.
Chloroform S.D.A. 20.
Chlorothymol, N.F.XII S.D.A. 38-B, 38-F.
Cinchonidine S.D.A. 39-A.
Cinchonidine sulfate, N.F.IX S.D.A. 39-A.
Cinnamic aldehyde (cinnamaldehyde), N.F.IX S.D.A. 38-B.
Cinnamon oil, N.F S.D.A. 38-B.
Citronella oil, natural S.D.A. 38-B.
Clove oil, N.F S.D.A. 27-A, 38-B.
Coal tar, U.S.P S.D.A. 38-B.
Denatonium benzoate, N.F. S.D.A. 1, 40-B.
Diethyl phthalate S.D.A. 39-B, 39-C.
Ethyl acetate S.D.A. 29, 35, 35-A.
Ethyl ether S.D.A. 13-A, 19, 32.
Eucalyptol, N.F.XII S.D.A. 37, 38-B.
Eucalyptus oil, N.F S.D.A. 38-B.
Eugenol, U.S.P S.D.A. 38-B.
Formaldehyde solution, U.S.P S.D.A. 22, 38-C, 38-D.
Gasoline C.D.A. 18, 19; S.D.A. 28-A.
Gasoline, unleaded C.D.A. 18, 19, 20; S.D.A 28-A.
Gentian violet S.D.A. 33.
Gentian violet, U.S.P S.D.A. 33.
Glycerin (Glycerol), U.S.P S.D.A. 31-A.
Green soap, U.S.P S.D.A. 27-B.
Guaiacol, N.F.X S.D.A. 38-B.
Heptane C.D.A. 18, 19; S.D.A. 2-B, 28-A.
Hydrochloric acid, N.F S.D.A. 38-F.
Iodine, U.S.P S.D.A. 25, 25-A.
Isopropyl alcohol S.D.A. 3-C.
Kerosene C.D.A. 18, 19, 20.
Kerosene (deodorized) C.D.A. 18, 19, 20.
Lavender oil, N.F S.D.A. 27-B, 38-B.
Menthol, U.S.P S.D.A. 37, 38-B, 38-C, 38-D, 38-F.
Mercuric iodide, red, N.F.XI S.D.A. 42.
Methyl alcohol S.D.A. 1, 3-A, 30.
Methylene blue, U.S.P S.D.A. 4; S.D.R. 4.
Methyl isobutyl ketone C.D.A. 18, 19; S.D.A. 1, 23-H.
Methyl n-butyl ketone C.D.A. 18, 19; S.D.A. 1.
Methyl salicylate, N.F S.D.A. 38-B, 46.
Mustard oil, volatile (allyl isothiocyanate), U.S.P.XII S.D.A. 38-B.
Nicotine solution S.D.A. 4; S.D.R. 4.
Nitropropane, mixed isomers of C.D.A. 18, 19; S.D.A. 1.
Peppermint oil, N.F S.D.A. 38-B.
Phenol, U.S.P S.D.A. 38-B, 46.
Phenyl mercuric benzoate S.D.A. 42.
Phenyl mercuric chloride, N.F.IX S.D.A. 42.
Phenyl mercuric nitrate, N.F S.D.A. 42.
Phenyl salicylate (salol), N.F.XI S.D.A. 38-B.
Pine needle oil, dwarf, N.F. S.D.A. 38-B.
Pine oil, N.F. S.D.A. 38-B.
Pine tar, U.S.P S.D.A. 3-B.
Polysorbate 80, N.F S.D.A. 38-F.
Potassium iodide, U.S.P S.D.A. 25, 25-A, 42.
Pyridine bases S.D.A. 6-B.
Pyronate C.D.A. 18.
Quassia, fluid extract, N.F.VII S.D.A. 39.
Quassin S.D.A. 40.
Quinine, N.F.X S.D.A. 39-A.
Quinine bisulfate, N.F.XI S.D.A. 39-A, 39-D.
Quinine dihydrochloride, N.F.XI S.D.A. 39-A.
Quinine sulfate, U.S.P S.D.A. 39-D.
Resorcinol (Resorcin), U.S.P S.D.A. 23-F.
Rosemary oil, N.F. XII S.D.A. 27, 38-B.
Rubber hydrocarbon solvent C.D.A. 18, 19, 20; S.D.A. 2-B, 2-C, 28-A.
Safrole S.D.A. 38-B.
Salicylic acid, U.S.P S.D.A. 23-F, 39.
Sassafras oil, N.F.XI S.D.A. 38-B.
Shellac (refined) S.D.A. 45.
Soap, hard, N.F.XI S.D.A. 31-A.
Sodium iodide, U.S.P S.D.A. 25, 25-A.
Sodium, metallic S.D.A. 2-C.
Sodium salicylate, U.S.P S.D.A. 39, 39-D.
Spearmint oil, N.F S.D.A. 38-B.
Spearmint oil, terpeneless S.D.A. 38-B.
Spike lavender oil, natural S.D.A. 38-B.
Storax, U.S.P S.D.A. 38-B.
Sucrose octaacetate S.D.A. 40-A.
Thimerosal, U.S.P S.D.A. 42.
Thyme oil, N.F.XII S.D.A. 38-B.
Thymol, N.F S.D.A. 37, 38-B, 38-F.
Tolu balsam, U.S.P S.D.A. 38-B.
Toluene S.D.A. 2-B, 2-C, 12-A.
Turpentine oil, N.F.XI S.D.A. 38-B.
Vinegar S.D.A. 18.
Zinc chloride, U.S.P S.D.A. 38-F.
[T.D. ATF-133, 48 FR 24673, June 2, 1983, as amended by T.D. ATF-442, 66 FR 12854, Mar. 1, 2001]

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