27 CFR § 25.81 - Alternation of brewery and bonded or taxpaid wine premises.

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§ 25.81 Alternation of brewery and bonded or taxpaid wine premises.

(a) General. A brewer operating a contiguous bonded winery or taxpaid wine bottling house may, as provided in this section, alternate the use of each premises by extension or curtailment.

(b) Qualifying documents. The brewer shall file and receive approval of the following qualifying documents:

(1) Form 5120.25 and Form 5130.10 to cover the curtailment and extension of the premises to be alternated.

(2) Special diagrams, in duplicate, delineating the brewery premises and the bonded or taxpaid wine premises as they will exist both during extension and curtailment. The diagrams will clearly depict all areas, buildings, floors, rooms, equipment and pipelines which are to be subject to alternation in their relative operating sequence.

(3) Evidence of existing bond, consent of surety, continuation certificate, or a new bond to cover the proposed alternation of premises, except to the extent no bond is required under § 24.146 of this chapter or § 25.91(e).

(c) Brewer's responsibility. After approval of qualifying documents, the brewer may alternate the designated premises pursuant to a letterhead notice submitted to the appropriate TTB officer. The notice will contain the information required by paragraph (d) of this section. Prior to the effective date and hour of the alternation, the brewer shall

(1) Remove all beer on brewery premises to be alternated to bonded or taxpaid wine premises, or

(2) Remove all wine from bonded to taxpaid wine premises to be alternated to brewery premises.

(d) Information for notice. The notice required by paragraph (c) of this section will contain the following information:

(1) Plant name and address;

(2) Serial number;

(3) Effective date and hour of proposed change;

(4) Whether premises are to be curtailed or extended;

(5) Purpose of curtailment or extension;

(6) Identification of the special diagram depicting the premises as they exist when curtailed or extended; and

(7) Date of execution and signature of brewer.

(e) Separation of premises. The appropriate TTB officer may require that the portion of brewery or bonded or taxpaid wine premises extended or curtailed under this section be separated, in a manner satisfactory to the appropriate TTB officer, from the remaining portion of the brewery or bonded or taxpaid premises.

(Sec. 201, Pub. L. 85-859, 72 Stat. 1388, as amended, 1389, as amended, 1390, as amended (26 U.S.C. 5401, 5411, 5415))
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