27 CFR § 40.421 - General.

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§ 40.421 General.

(a) Every manufacturer of cigarette papers and tubes must keep records of daily operations and transactions. Records maintained must reflect the date and number of cigarette papers and the date and number of cigarette tubes:

(1) Manufactured;

(2) Received, without payment of tax from another factory, an export warehouse, customs custody, or by withdrawal from the market;

(3) Removed, subject to tax;

(4) Removed, without payment of tax, for export purposes, use of the United States or transfer in bond pursuant to § 40.451; or

(5) Lost or destroyed.

(b) The entries for each day in the records maintained or kept under this subpart must be made by the close of the business day following that on which the operations or transactions occur. No particular form of records is prescribed, but the information required must be readily ascertainable from the records kept.

(c) Records maintained under this section prior to January 1, 2000, must reflect the date and number of books or sets of cigarette papers of each different numerical content and the date and number of cigarette tubes.

[T.D. ATF-240, 64 FR 71941, Dec. 22, 1999]