27 CFR § 53.142 - Denial, revocation or suspension of registration.

§ 53.142 Denial, revocation or suspension of registration.

(a) The appropriate TTB officer is authorized to deny, revoke or temporarily suspend, upon written notice, the registration of any person and the right of such person to sell or purchase articles tax free under section 4221 of the Code in any case in which he finds that:

(1) The registrant is not a bona fide manufacturer, or a purchaser reselling direct to manufacturers or exporters;

(2) The registrant is for some other reason not eligible under these regulations to retain a Certificate of Registry; or

(3) The registrant has used his registration to avoid payment of the tax imposed by section 4181 of the Code, or to postpone or interfere in any manner with the collection of such tax;

(4) Such denial, revocation, or suspension is necessary to protect the revenue; or

(5) The registrant failed to comply with the requirements of paragraph (c) of § 53.140, relating to the evidence required to support a tax-free sale.

(b) The denial, revocation, or suspension of registration is in addition to any other penalty that may apply under the law for any act or failure to act.

[T.D. ATF-308, 56 FR 303, Jan. 3, 1991, as amended by T.D. ATF-365, 60 FR 33671, June 28, 1995]

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