28 CFR § 0.13 - Legal proceedings.

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§ 0.13 Legal proceedings.

(a) Each Assistant Attorney General and Deputy Assistant Attorney General is authorized to exercise the authority of the Attorney General under 28 U.S.C. 515(a), in cases assigned to, conducted, handled, or supervised by such official, to designate Department attorneys to conduct any legal proceeding, civil or criminal, including grand jury proceedings and proceedings before committing magistrates, which United States attorneys are authorized by law to conduct, whether or not the designated attorney is a resident of the district in which the proceedings is brought.

(b) Each Assistant Attorney General is authorized to redelegate to Section Chiefs the authority delegated by paragraph (a) of this section, except that such redelegation shall not apply to the designation of attorneys to conduct grand jury proceedings.

[Order No. 725-77, 42 FR 26205, May 23, 1977]