28 CFR § 0.23 - General functions.

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§ 0.23 General functions.

The Office of Legal Policy shall be headed by an Assistant Attorney General. The principal responsibilities of the Office shall be to plan, develop, and coordinate the implementation of major policy initiatives of high priority to the Department and to the Administration. In addition, the Assistant Attorney General, Office of Legal Policy, shall:

(a) Examine and study legislation and other policy proposals and coordinate Departmental efforts to secure enactment of those of special interest to the Department and the Administration.

(b) Assist the Attorney General and the Deputy Attorney General in fulfilling responsibilities of the Federal Legal Council to promote coordination and communication among Federal legal offices with the goal of achieving effective, consistent, and efficient management of legal resources throughout the Federal Government.

(c) Manage and coordinate the discharge of Departmental responsibilities related to the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. 552) and the Privacy Act (5 U.S.C. 552a), including coordination and implementation of policy development and compliance within executive agencies and Departmental units relative to the Freedom on Information Act and within Departmental units relative to the Privacy Act; and supervise the Office of Information and Privacy which will, except as otherwise directed by the Attorney General, act on appeals taken from Departmental denials of access to records under the Privacy Act and the Freedom of Information Act.

(d) Advise and assist the Attorney General and the Deputy Attorney General regarding the selection and appointment of Federal judges.

(e) Administer the Federal Justice Research Program.

(f) Represent the Department on the Administrative Conference of the United States and, as appropriate, on regulatory reform matters.

(g) Participate, as appropriate, in internal budget hearings of the Department with regard to policy implications of resource allocations and resource implications of major policy initiatives; and advise the Assistant Attorney General for Administration with regard to information requirements for Departmental policy formulation.

(h) Advise appropriate Departmental officials, from time to time, on investigation, litigation, negotiation, penal, or correctional policies to insure the compatibility of those policies with overall Departmental goals.

(i) Perform such other duties and functions as may be specially assigned by the Attorney General and the Deputy Attorney General.

In carrying out his responsibilities under this section, the Assistant Attorney General, Office of Legal Policy, shall have the right to call upon the relevant Departmental units for personnel and other assistance.
[Order No. 960-81, 46 FR 52341, Oct. 27, 1981, as amended by Order No. 1054-84, 49 FR 10118, Mar. 19, 1984; Order No. 1055-84, 49 FR 12253, Mar. 29, 1984]

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