28 CFR § 33.23 - Limitations on fund use.

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§ 33.23 Limitations on fund use.

In order to insure the most efficient and effective use of grant funds, the Justice Assistance Act places restrictions on the award of block monies for routine equipment, personnel costs, construction, supplanting of state and local funds, and land acquisition.

(a) Equipment and hardware. The purchase or acquisition of equipment or hardware with grant funds is prohibited unless the purchase or acquisition is an incidental and necessary part of a program. Section 406(c)(1) of the Act.

(b) General salaries and personnel costs. Payment of personnel costs with grant funds is prohibited unless the costs are an incidental and necessary part of a program. Section 406(c)(1) of the Act. Programs which have as their primary purpose the payment of usual salaries paid to employees generally, or to specific classes of employees within a jurisdiction, are prohibited. Notwithstanding the above, grant funds may be used to compensate personnel for time engaged in conducting or undergoing training programs or the compensation of personnel engaged in research, development demonstration, or short-term programs. Section 406(c)(2) of the Act.

(c) Construction. Construction projects are prohibited. Section 406(c)(3) of the Act.

(d) Land acquisition. Acquisition of land with grant funds is prohibited. Section 406(c)(3) of the Act.

(e) Ineffective programs. The use of grant funds is prohibited for programs or projects which, based upon evaluations by the National Institute of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance, Bureau of Justice Statistics, state or local agencies, and other public or private organizations, have been demonstrated to offer a low probability of improving the functioning of the criminal justice system. The Bureau of Justice Assistance will formally identify ineffective programs by notice in the Federal Register after opportunity for public comment. Section 406(c)(4) of the Act.

(f) Administrative costs. The use of grant funds to pay for costs incurred in applying for or administering the block grant is prohibited. Block grant funds may only be used to carry out programs that fall within one of the purposes listed in section 403(a) of the Justice Assistance Act. Section 403(a) of the Act.

(g) Period of project support. A grant recipient may receive block grant funds for a specific program or project for a period not to exceed four years. The four-year maximum allowable period of funding includes any period prior to the Justice Assistance Act when the program or project was supported by funds made available under title I of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act. Section 403(c) of the Act.

(h) Non-supplantation. Block grant funds shall not be used to supplant state or local funds, but will be used to increase the amounts of such funds that would, in the absence of Federal aid, be made available for criminal justice activities. Section 405(2) of the Act.