28 CFR § 345.11 - Definitions.

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§ 345.11 Definitions.

(a) Federal Prison Industries, Inc. (FPI) - A government corporation organizationally within the Bureau of Prisons whose mission is to provide work simulation programs and training opportunities for inmates confined in Federal correctional facilities. The commercial or “trade” name of Federal Prison Industries, Inc. is UNICOR. Most factories or shops of Federal Prison Industries, Inc. are commonly referred to as “UNICOR” or as “Industries”. Where these terms are used, they refer to FPI production locations and to the corporation as a whole. UNICOR, FPI, and Industries are used interchangeably in this manner. For these purposes, Federal Prison Industries, Inc. will hereinafter be referred to as FPI.

(b) Superintendent of Industries (SOI) - The Superintendent of Industries, also referred to as Associate Warden/Industries and Education, is responsible for the efficient management and operation of an FPI factory. Hereinafter, referred to as SOI.

(c) FPI work status - Assignment to an Industries work detail.

(1) An inmate is in FPI work status if on the job, on sick call during the inmate's assigned hours, on furlough, on vacation, for the first thirty days on writ, for the first 30 days in administrative detention, or for the first 30 days on medical idle for FPI work-related injury so long as the injury did not result from an intentional violation by the inmate of work safety standards.

(2) Full-time work status. A work schedule for an inmate consisting of 90% or more of the normal FPI factory work week.

(3) Part-time work status. A work schedule of less than 90% of the normal FPI factory work week.

(d) Unit Team - Bureau of Prisons staff responsible for the management of inmates and the delivery of programs and services. The Unit Team may consist of a unit manager, case manager, correctional counselor, unit secretary, unit officer, education representative, and psychologist.

(e) Unit Discipline Committee (UDC) - The term Unit Discipline Committee refers to one or more institution staff members delegated by the Warden with the authority and duty to hold an initial hearing upon completion of the investigation concerning alleged charge(s) of inmate misconduct (see 28 CFR 541.15). The Warden shall authorize these staff members to impose minor sanctions for violation of prohibited act(s).

(f) Discipline hearing officer (DHO) - This term refers to an independent discipline hearing officer who is responsible for conducting Institution Discipline Hearings and who imposes appropriate sanctions for incidents of inmate misconduct referred for disposition following the hearing required by 28 CFR 541.15 before the UDC.

(g) Pretrial inmate - The definition of pretrial inmate in 28 CFR 551.101(a) is applicable to this part.

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