28 CFR § 43.2 - Obligations of persons receiving care and treatment.

§ 43.2 Obligations of persons receiving care and treatment.

(a) In the discretion of the Department or Agency concerned, any person furnished care and treatment under circumstances in which the regulations in this part may be applicable, his guardian, personal representative, estate, dependents or survivors may be required:

(1) To assign in writing to the United States his claim or cause of action against the third person to the extent of the reasonable value of the care and treatment furnished or to be furnished, or any portion thereof;

(2) To furnish such information as may be requested concerning the circumstances giving rise to the injury or disease for which care and treatment is being given and concerning any action instituted or to be instituted by or against a third person;

(3) To notify the Department or Agency concerned of a settlement with, or an offer of settlement from, a third person; and

(4) To cooperate in the prosecution of all claims and actions by the United States against such third person.

(b) [Reserved]

[Order No. 289-62, 27 FR 11317, Nov. 16, 1962, as amended by Order No. 896-80, 45 FR 39841, June 12, 1980]

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