28 CFR § 5.306 - Exemption under section 3(g) of the Act.

§ 5.306 Exemption under section 3(g) of the Act.

For the purpose of section 3(g) of the Act -

(a) Attempts to influence or persuade agency personnel or officials other than in the course of judicial proceedings, criminal or civil law enforcement inquiries, investigations, or proceedings, or agency proceedings required by statute or regulation to be conducted on the record, shall include only such attempts to influence or persuade with reference to formulating, adopting, or changing the domestic or foreign policies of the United States or with reference to the political or public interests, policies, or relations of a government of a foreign country or a foreign political party; and

(b) If an attorney engaged in legal representation of a foreign principal before an agency of the U.S. Government is not otherwise required to disclose the identity of his principal as a matter of established agency procedure, he must make such disclosure, in conformity with this section of the Act, to each of the agency's personnel or officials before whom and at the time his legal representation is undertaken. The burden of establishing that the required disclosure was made shall fall upon the person claiming the exemption.

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