28 CFR § 523.11 - Meritorious good time.

§ 523.11 Meritorious good time.

(a)Staff are responsible for recommending meritorious good time based upon work performance. Each recommendation must include a justification which clearly shows that the work being performed is of an exceptionally meritorious nature or is of outstanding importance in connection with institutional operations. Work performance and the importance of the work performed are the only criteria for awarding meritorious good time.

(b) A retroactive award of meritorious good time is ordinarily limited to three months, excluding the month in which the recommendation is made. A retroactive award in excess of three months requires the approval of the Warden or designee (may not be delegated below the level of Associate Warden). Staff are to include with any recommendation for an inmate to receive a retroactive award of meritorious good time, a written statement confirming the inmate's eligibility for the retroactive award.

(c) Meritorious good time continues uninterrupted regardless of work assignment changes unless the Warden or the Discipline Hearing Officer takes specific action to terminate or disallow the award.