28 CFR 545.27 - Inmate vacations.

§ 545.27 Inmate vacations.

(a) An inmate who has worked full-time for 12 consecutive months on an institution work assignment is eligible to take a five-day paid vacation at the inmate's prevailing hourly rate. A recommendation for an inmate to receive vacation credit is made by the inmate's work supervisor, through the Department Head, to the Unit Team, who shall approve the request if the inmate's work performance qualifies for vacation credit.

(b) Staff shall schedule an inmate's vacation so it is compatable with shop production and administrative support requirements.

(c) The Warden or designee may authorize an inmate to accumulate vacation credit when:

(1) The inmate is transferred to another institution for the benefit of the government or because of the inmate's favorable adjustment (custody reduction); or

(2) The inmate is placed in a new work assignment in the institution for the benefit of the government or institution, rather than solely at the inmate's request or because of the inmate's poor performance or adverse behavior.

[ 49 FR 38915, Oct. 1, 1984. Redesignated and amended at 56 FR 23478, 23479, May 21, 1991]