28 CFR 549.92 - Definition of “sexually violent conduct.”

§ 549.92 Definition of “sexually violent conduct.”

For purposes of this subpart, “sexually violent conduct” includes any unlawful conduct of a sexual nature with another person (“the victim”) that involves:

(a) The use or threatened use of force against the victim;

(b) Threatening or placing the victim in fear that the victim, or any other person, will be harmed;

(c) Rendering the victim unconscious and thereby engaging in conduct of a sexual nature with the victim;

(d) Administering to the victim, by force or threat of force, or without the knowledge or permission of the victim, a drug, intoxicant, or other similar substance, and thereby substantially impairing the ability of the victim to appraise or control conduct; or

(e) Engaging in such conduct with a victim who is incapable of appraising the nature of the conduct, or physically or mentally incapable of declining participation in, or communicating unwillingness to engage in, that conduct.