28 CFR 551.103 - Procedure for admission.

§ 551.103 Procedure for admission.

Staff in administrative institutions or institutions with administrative components housing U.S. Marshals' prisoners shall establish procedures for admitting a pretrial inmate which include, but are not limited to:

(a) Verification of commitment papers;

(b) Search of the inmate;

(c) Photographing and fingerprinting;

(d) Disposition of clothing and personal possessions;

(e) Intake screening (including Notice of Separation);

(f) Providing institution guidelines governing telephone calls (including procedures for making unmonitored calls to an attorney);

(g) Provisions for personal hygiene, to include:

(1) Issue of personal hygiene items;

(2) Issue of clean clothing; and

(3) Opportunity for shower and hair care;

(h) Orientation;

(i) Opportunity for waiver of right not to work;

(j) Assignment to an appropriate housing unit.