28 CFR 551.115 - Recreation.

§ 551.115 Recreation.

(a) When consistent with institution security and good order, pretrial inmates may be allowed the opportunity to participate with convicted inmates in recreational activities. Staff shall ensure that inmates who do not participate in recreational activities with convicted inmates have access to other recreational activities.

(b) At a minimum, and except as noted in paragraph (d) of this section, staff shall provide the pretrial inmate with the following recreational opportunities:

(1) One hour daily of outside recreation, weather permitting; or

(2) Two hours daily of indoor recreation.

(c) Staff shall make recreation equipment available to the pretrial inmate including, but not limited to, physical exercise equipment, books, table games, and television.

(d) Staff shall provide the pretrial inmate housed in Administrative Detention or Disciplinary Segregation with exercise as provided by the Bureau of Prisons rules on Inmate Discipline. (See 28 CFR part 541, subpart B.)

(e) Provisions of paragraphs (b) and (c) of this section must be carried out unless compelling security or safety reasons dictate otherwise. Institution staff shall document these reasons.