28 CFR 551.151 - Definitions.

§ 551.151 Definitions.

(a) For purpose of this rule, victim is generally defined as someone who suffers direct or threatened physical, emotional, or financial harm as the result of the commission of a crime. The term “victim” also includes the immediate family of a minor or a homicide victim.

(b) For purpose of this rule, witness is defined as someone who has information or evidence concerning a crime, and provides information regarding this knowledge to a law enforcement agency. Where the witness is a minor, the term “witness” includes an appropriate family member. The term “witness” does not include defense witnesses or those individuals involved in the crime as a perpetrator or accomplice.

(c) For purpose of this rule, serious crime is defined as a criminal offense that involves personal violence, attempted or threatened personal violence or significant property loss.

(d) For purpose of this rule, the phrase release from a Bureau institution refers to an inmate's furlough, parole (including appearance before the Parole Commission), transfer to a State or local detention facility, transfer to a community corrections center, mandatory release, expiration of sentence, escape (including apprehension), death, and other such release-related information.

[ 49 FR 18386, Apr. 30, 1984, as amended at 55 FR 6178, Feb. 21, 1990; 64 FR 68265, Dec. 6, 1999]