28 CFR § 551.71 - Procedures.

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§ 551.71 Procedures.

(a) The Warden may permit polygraph tests in connection with a State or Federal criminal felony investigation.

(b) The Warden may permit polygraph tests in connection with misdemeanor offenses, civil proceedings, or any other matters. This type of request, however, is generally disapproved, absent a federal court order for the test.

(c) The Warden may permit a polygraph test at the request of a defense counsel or other representative of the inmate. These requests are subject to the same standards and procedures applicable to testing by law enforcement officials.

(d) The Warden may deny any request for testing which may disrupt the security or good order of the institution.

(e) Upon written request to conduct a polygraph examination of an inmate, the Warden may approve the request if:

(1) The validity of the request and of the examining agency can be confirmed;

(2) The request complies with this section; and

(3) The inmate gives written consent to the testing.

(f) If the request is approved, the Warden shall notify the requestor that he is responsible for meeting all state and local requirements in administering the test.

(g) The Bureau of Prisons maintains a record in the inmate's central file of the polygraph test indicating the inmate's consent and the time and place of and the personnel involved in the testing.