28 CFR § 570.38 - Conditions of Furlough.

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§ 570.38 Conditions of Furlough.

(a) An inmate who violates the conditions of a furlough may be considered an escapee under 18 U.S.C. 4082 or 18 U.S.C. 751, and may be subject to criminal prosecution and institution disciplinary action.

(b) A furlough will only be approved if an inmate agrees to the following conditions and understands that, while on furlough, he/she:

(1) Remains in the legal custody of the U.S. Attorney General, in service of a term of imprisonment;

(2) Is subject to prosecution for escape if he/she fails to return to the institution at the designated time;

(3) Is subject to institution disciplinary action, arrest, and criminal prosecution for violating any condition(s) of the furlough;

(4) May be thoroughly searched and given a urinalysis, breathalyzer, and other comparable test, during the furlough or upon return to the institution, and must pre-authorize the cost of such test(s) if the inmate or family members are paying the other costs of the furlough. The inmate must pre-authorize all testing fee(s) to be withdrawn directly from his/her inmate deposit fund account;

(5) Must contact the institution (or United States Probation Officer) in the event of arrest, or any other serious difficulty or illness; and

(6) Must comply with any other special instructions given by the institution.

(c) While on furlough, the inmate must not:

(1) Violate the laws of any jurisdiction (federal, state, or local);

(2) Leave the area of his/her furlough without permission, except for traveling to the furlough destination, and returning to the institution;

(3) Purchase, sell, possess, use, consume, or administer any narcotic drugs, marijuana, alcohol, or intoxicants in any form, or frequent any place where such articles are unlawfully sold, dispensed, used, or given away;

(4) Use medication that is not prescribed and given to the inmate by the institution medical department or a licensed physician;

(5) Have any medical/dental/surgical/psychiatric treatment without staff's written permission, unless there is an emergency. Upon return to the institution, the inmate must notify institution staff if he/she received any prescribed medication or treatment in the community for an emergency;

(6) Possess any firearm or other dangerous weapon;

(7) Get married, sign any legal papers, contracts, loan applications, or conduct any business without staff's written permission;

(8) Associate with persons having a criminal record or with persons who the inmate knows to be engaged in illegal activities without staff's written permission;

(9) Drive a motor vehicle without staff's written permission, which can only be obtained if the inmate has proof of a currently valid driver's license and proof of appropriate insurance; or

(10) Return from furlough with anything the inmate did not take out with him/her (for example, clothing, jewelry, or books).