29 CFR § 101.7 - Settlements.

§ 101.7 Settlements.

Before any complaint is issued or other formal action taken, the Regional Director affords an opportunity to all parties for the submission and consideration of facts, argument, offers of settlement, or proposals of adjustment, except where time, the nature of the proceeding, and the public interest do not permit. Normally prehearing conferences are held, the principal purpose of which is to discuss and explore such submissions and proposals of adjustment. The Regional Office provides Board-prepared forms for such settlment agreements, as well as printed notices for posting by the respondent. These agreements, which are subject to the approval of the Regional Director, provide for an appeal to the General Counsel, as described in § 101.6, by a complainant who will not join in a settlement or adjustment deemed adequate by the Regional Director. Proof of compliance is obtained by the Regional Director before the case is closed. If the respondent fails to perform the obligations under the informal agreement, the Regional Director may determine to institute formal proceedings.