29 CFR § 102.133 - Penalties and enforcement.

§ 102.133 Penalties and enforcement.

(a) Where the nature and circumstances of a prohibited communication made by or caused to be made by a party to the proceeding are such that the interests of justice and statutory policy may require remedial action, the Board, the Administrative Law Judge, or the Regional Director, as the case may be, may issue to the party making the communication a Notice to Show Cause, returnable before the Board within a stated period not less than 7 days from the date of issuance, why the Board may not determine that the interests of justice and statutory policy require that the claim or interest in the proceeding of a party who knowingly makes a prohibited communication, or knowingly causes a prohibited communication to be made may be dismissed, denied, disregarded, or otherwise adversely affected on account of such violation.

(b) Upon notice and hearing, the Board may censure, suspend, or revoke the privilege of practice before the Agency of any person who knowingly and willfully makes or solicits the making of a prohibited ex parte communication. However, before the Board institutes formal proceedings under this paragraph (b), it will first advise the person or persons concerned in writing that it proposes to take such action and that they may show cause, within a period to be stated in such written advice, but not less than 7 days from the date thereof, why it may not take such action.

(c) The Board may censure, or, to the extent permitted by law, suspend, dismiss, or institute proceedings for the dismissal of, any Board agent who knowingly and willfully violates the prohibitions and requirements of this rule.

[82 FR 11778, Feb. 24, 2017]