29 CFR 1203.2 - Investigation of representation disputes.

§ 1203.2 Investigation of representation disputes.

Applications for the services of the National Mediation Board under section 2, ninth, of the Railway Labor Act to investigate representation disputes among carriers' employees may be made on printed forms NMB-3, copies of which may be secured from the Board's Representation and Legal Department or on the Internet at www.nmb.gov. Such applications and all correspondence connected therewith should be filed in duplicate and the applications should be accompanied by signed authorization cards from the employees composing the craft or class involved in the dispute. The applications should show specifically the name or description of the craft of class of employees involved, the name of the invoking organization, the name of the organization currently representing the employees, if any, and the estimated number of employees in each craft or class involved. The applications should be signed by the chief executive of the invoking organization, or other authorized officer of the organization. These disputes are given docket numbers in series “R”.

[ 43 FR 30053, July 13, 1978, as amended at 64 FR 40287, July 26, 1999]