29 CFR 1404.14 - Decision and award.

§ 1404.14 Decision and award.

(a) Arbitrators shall make awards no later than 60 days from the date of the closing of the record as determined by the arbitrator, unless otherwise agreed upon by the parties or specified by the collective bargaining agreement or law. However, failure to meet the 60 day deadline will not invalidate the process or award. A failure to render timely awards reflects upon the performance of an arbitrator and may lead to removal from the FMCS Roster.

(b) The parties should inform the OAS whenever a decision is unduly delayed. The arbitrator shall notify the OAS if and when the arbitrator:

(1) Cannot schedule, hear, and render decisions promptly, or

(2) Learns a dispute has been settled by the parties prior to the decision.

(c) Within 15 days after an award has been submitted to the parties, the arbitrator shall submit an Arbitrator's Report and Fee Statement (Form R-19) to OAS showing a breakdown of the fee and expense charges for use in the event the OAS decides to review conformance with the basis for the arbitrator's fees and expenses as stated in the biographical sketch.

(d) While FMCS encourages the publication of arbitration awards, arbitrators should not publicize awards if objected to by one of the parties.

[ 62 FR 34171, June 25, 1997, as amended at 70 FR 76399, Dec. 27, 2005]