29 CFR 1404.16 - Reports and biographical sketches.

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§ 1404.16 Reports and biographical sketches.

(a) Arbitrators listed on the Roster shall execute and return all documents, forms and reports required by the OAS. They shall also keep the OAS informed of changes of address, telephone number, availability, and of any business or other connection or relationship which involves labor-management relations or which creates or gives the appearance of advocacy as defined in § 1404.5(c)(1).

(b) The OAS will provide parties with biographical sketches for each arbitrator on the Roster from information supplied by the arbitrator in conformance with this section and Sec. 1404.15. The OAS reserves the right to decide and approve the format and content of biographical sketches.

[ 62 FR 34171, June 25, 1997, as amended at 70 FR 76399, Dec. 27, 2005]