29 CFR § 1626.7 - Timeliness of charge.

§ 1626.7 Timeliness of charge.

(a) Potential charging parties will be advised that, pursuant to section 7(d) (1) and (2) of the Act, no civil suit may be commenced by an individual until 60 days after a charge has been filed on the subject matter of the suit, and such charge shall be filed with the Commission or its designated agent within 180 days of the alleged discriminatory action, or, in a case where the alleged discriminatory action occurs in a State which has its own age discrimination law and authority administering that law, within 300 days of the alleged discriminatory action, or 30 days after receipt of notice of termination of State proceedings, whichever is earlier.

(b) For purposes of determining the date of filing with the Commission, the following applies:

(1) Charges filed digitally: Date of transmission;

(2) Charges filed by mail:

(i) Date of postmark, if legible,

(ii) Date of letter, if postmark is illegible,

(iii) Date of receipt by Commission, or its designated agent, if postmark and letter date are illegible and/or cannot be accurately affixed;

(3) Written charges filed in person: Date of receipt;

(4) Oral charges filed in person or by telephone, as reduced to writing: Date of oral communication received by Commission.

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