29 CFR § 18.12 - Proceedings before administrative law judge.

§ 18.12 Proceedings before administrative law judge.

(a) Designation. The Chief Judge designates the presiding judge for all proceedings.

(b) Authority. In all proceedings under this part, the judge has all powers necessary to conduct fair and impartial proceedings, including those described in the Administrative Procedure Act, 5 U.S.C. 556. Among them is the power to:

(1) Regulate the course of proceedings in accordance with applicable statute, regulation or executive order;

(2) Administer oaths and affirmations and examine witnesses;

(3) Compel the production of documents and appearance of witnesses within a party's control;

(4) Issue subpoenas authorized by law;

(5) Rule on offers of proof and receive relevant evidence;

(6) Dispose of procedural requests and similar matters;

(7) Terminate proceedings through dismissal or remand when not inconsistent with statute, regulation, or executive order;

(8) Issue decisions and orders;

(9) Exercise powers vested in the Secretary of Labor that relate to proceedings before the Office of Administrative Law Judges; and

(10) Where applicable take any appropriate action authorized by the FRCP.