29 CFR § 1910.26 - Dockboards.

§ 1910.26 Dockboards.

The employer must ensure that each dockboard used meets the requirements of this section. The employer must ensure:

(a) Dockboards are capable of supporting the maximum intended load in accordance with § 1910.22(b);


(1) Dockboards put into initial service on or after January 17, 2017 are designed, constructed, and maintained to prevent transfer vehicles from running off the dockboard edge;

(2) Exception to paragraph (b)(1) of this section. When the employer demonstrates there is no hazard of transfer vehicles running off the dockboard edge, the employer may use dockboards that do not have run-off protection.

(c) Portable dockboards are secured by anchoring them in place or using equipment or devices that prevent the dockboard from moving out of a safe position. When the employer demonstrates that securing the dockboard is not feasible, the employer must ensure there is sufficient contact between the dockboard and the surface to prevent the dockboard from moving out of a safe position;

(d) Measures, such as wheel chocks or sand shoes, are used to prevent the transport vehicle (e.g. a truck, semi-trailer, trailer, or rail car) on which a dockboard is placed, from moving while employees are on the dockboard; and

(e) Portable dockboards are equipped with handholds or other means to permit safe handling of dockboards.