29 CFR § 1910.424 - SCUBA diving.

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§ 1910.424 SCUBA diving.

(a) General. Employers engaged in SCUBA diving shall comply with the following requirements, unless otherwise specified.

(b) Limits. SCUBA diving shall not be conducted:

(1) At depths deeper than 130 fsw;

(2) At depths deeper than 100 fsw or outside the no-decompression limits unless a decompression chamber is ready for use;

(3) Against currents exceeding one (1) knot unless line-tended; or

(4) In enclosed or physically confining spaces unless line-tended.

(c) Procedures.

(1) A standby diver shall be available while a diver is in the water.

(2) A diver shall be line-tended from the surface, or accompanied by another diver in the water in continuous visual contact during the diving operations.

(3) A diver shall be stationed at the underwater point of entry when diving is conducted in enclosed or physically confining spaces.

(4) A diver-carried reserve breathing gas supply shall be provided for each diver consisting of:

(i) A manual reserve (J valve); or

(ii) An independent reserve cylinder with a separate regulator or connected to the underwater breathing apparatus.

(5) The valve of the reserve breathing gas supply shall be in the closed position prior to the dive.