29 CFR § 20.20 - Definitions.

§ 20.20 Definitions.

For purposes of this subpart—

(a) The term administrative offset means the withholding of money payable by the United States to or held by the United States on behalf of a person to satisfy a debt owned the United States by that person; and

(b) The term person does not include any agency of the United States, or any state or local government.

(c) The terms claim and debt are deemed synonymous and interchangeable. They refer to an amount of money or property which has been determined by an appropriate agency official to be owed to the United States from any person, organization, or entity, except another federal agency.

(d) A debt is considered delinquent if it has not been paid by the date specified in the agency's initial demand letter (§ 20.22), unless satisfactory payment arrangements have been made by that date, or if, at any time thereafter, the debtor fails to satisfy his obligations under a payment agreement with the Department of Labor, or any agency thereof.