29 CFR 215.5 - Processing of amendments.

§ 215.5 Processing of amendments.

(a) Grant modifications in the form of grant amendments will be transmitted by the Federal Transit Administration to the Department for review. Applications amending a grant for which the Department has already certified fair and equitable arrangements to protect the interests of transit employees affected by the project, will be processed by the Department following one of the two procedures described in paragraphs (a)(1) and (2) of this section.

(1) When an application amends a grant for which the Department has previously certified fair and equitable arrangements and the amendment makes changes to a project that may necessitate alternative employee protections, the Department will conclude that the amendment materially amends the existing assistance agreement. The Department will refer and/or process the labor certification provisions of such an amended grant according to procedures specified under §§ 215.3 and 215.4, as appropriate.

(2) When an application amends in a manner that is not material a grant for which the Department has already certified fair and equitable arrangements, the Department will, on its own initiative and without referral to the parties, certify the subject grant on the same terms and conditions as were certified for the project as originally constituted. The Department's processing of these applications will be expedited and copies will be forwarded to interested parties.

(b) Budget Revisions that make minor changes within the scope of the existing grant agreement and do not require a Federal Transit Administration grant amendment, as set forth in Federal Transit Administration guidance, will be covered under the Department's original certifications.

[ 73 FR 47056, Aug. 13, 2008]