29 CFR § 2201.5 - Procedure for requesting records.

§ 2201.5 Procedure for requesting records.

(a) General information. All requests for information must be made in writing to the FOIA Disclosure Officer and may be: Mailed or delivered; faxed; or emailed. Requests may also be made using the Commission's online FOIA request form (which is a downloadable PDF file found at http://www.oshrc.gov/foia/foia_request_form.html) and the completed form can be submitted by mail, fax, or email. Contact information for the FOIA Disclosure Officer is described in § 2201.3(d). For mailed or delivered requests, the words “Freedom of Information Act Request” must be printed on the face of the request's envelope or covering as well as the request itself.

(b) A requester who is making a request for records about himself or herself must comply with verification of identity requirements as required by 29 CFR 2400.4 in OSHRC's Privacy Act regulations.

(c) Where a request for records pertains to another individual, a requester may receive greater access by submitting either a notarized authorization signed by that individual or a declaration made in compliance with the requirements set forth in 28 U.S.C. 1746 by that individual authorizing disclosure of the records to the requester, or by submitting proof that the individual is deceased (e.g., a copy of a death certificate or an obituary).

(d) Description of records sought. A request must describe the records sought in sufficient detail to enable the Commission to locate them with a reasonable amount of effort. To the extent possible, the request should include specific information to identify the requested records, such as the docket number(s) or case name(s). Before submitting a request, the requester may contact the FOIA Disclosure Officer, as described in § 2201.3(d), to discuss the records being sought and receive assistance in describing them. If a determination is made after receiving a request that it does not reasonably describe the records sought, the FOIA Disclosure Officer will contact the requester to explain what additional information is needed or why the request is otherwise insufficient. A requester attempting to reformulate or modify such a request is encouraged to discuss the request with the FOIA Disclosure Officer. If a request does not reasonably describe the records sought, the agency's response may be delayed.

(e) Requests may specify the preferred form or format (including electronic formats) of the response. The FOIA Disclosure Officer shall honor a requester's specified preference of form or format of disclosure if the record is readily reproducible with reasonable efforts in the requested form or format. When a requester does not specify the preferred form or format of the response, the FOIA Disclosure Officer shall respond in the form or format in which the record is most accessible to the Commission.

(f) The requester must provide contact information, such as a phone number, email address, and/or mailing address, to facilitate the agency's communication with the requester.

(g) Date of receipt. A request that complies with paragraph (a) of this section is deemed received on the actual date it is received by the Commission. A request that does not comply with paragraph (a) of this section is deemed received when it is actually received by the FOIA Disclosure Officer. For requests that are expected to result in fees exceeding $250, the request shall not be deemed to have been received until the requester is advised of the anticipated costs and the Commission has received full payment or satisfactory assurance of full payment as provided under § 2201.8(f).

[81 FR 95037, Dec. 27, 2016, as amended at 85 FR 72565, Nov. 13, 2020]

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