29 CFR § 4050.202 - Definitions.

§ 4050.202 Definitions.

The following terms are defined in § 4001.2 of this chapter: Annuity, Code, ERISA, PBGC, and person. In addition, for purposes of this subpart:

Accumulated single sum means, with respect to a missing distributee, the distributee's benefit transfer amount accumulated at the missing participants interest rate from the date when the subpart B plan pays PBGC the benefit transfer amount for the missing distributee to the date when PBGC makes or commences payment to or with respect to the distributee.

Benefit conversion assumptions means, with respect to an annuity, the applicable mortality table and applicable interest rate under section 205(g)(3) of ERISA and section 417(e)(3) of the Code for January of the calendar year in which PBGC begins paying the annuity.

Benefit transfer amount for a missing distributee in a transferring plan means the amount available for distribution to the distributee in connection with the close-out of the subpart B plan.

Close-out or close out with respect to a subpart B plan means the process of the final distribution or transfer of assets pursuant to the termination of the subpart B plan.

De minimis means, with respect to the value of a benefit (or other amount), that the value does not exceed the amount specified under section 203(e)(1) of ERISA and section 411(a)(11)(A) of the Code (without regard to plan provisions).

Distributee means, with respect to a subpart B plan, a participant or beneficiary entitled to a distribution under the plan pursuant to the close-out of the plan, except that a person is not a distributee if the subpart B plan transfers assets to another pension plan (within the meaning of section 3(2) of ERISA) to pay the person's benefits.

Missing, with respect to a distributee under a subpart B plan, means that any one or more of the following three conditions exists upon close-out of the plan.

(1) The plan does not know with reasonable certainty the location of the distributee.

(2) The distributee has not elected a form of distribution in response to a notice about the distribution.

(3) Under the terms of the plan and any election made by the distributee, the distributee's benefit is to be paid in a lump sum, but the distributee does not accept the lump sum. For this purpose, a lump sum paid by check is not accepted if the check remains uncashed after -

(i) A “cash-by” date prescribed (on the check or in an accompanying notice) that is at least 45 days after the issuance of the check, or

(ii) If no such “cash-by” date is so prescribed, the check's stale date.

Missing participants forms and instructions means the forms and instructions provided by PBGC for use in connection with the missing participants program.

Missing participants interest rate means, for each month, the applicable federal mid-term rate (as determined by the Secretary of the Treasury pursuant to section 1274(d)(1)(C)(ii) of the Code) for that month, compounded monthly.

Notifying plan means a subpart B plan that elects notifying plan status in accordance with § 4050.203.

QDRO means a qualified domestic relations order as defined in section 206(d)(3) of ERISA and section 414(p) of the Code.

Qualified survivor of a participant or beneficiary under a subpart B plan means, for any benefit with respect to the participant or beneficiary, -

(1) A person who survives the participant or beneficiary and is entitled under applicable provisions of a QDRO to receive the benefit;

(2) A person that is identified by the plan in a submission to PBGC by the plan as being entitled under applicable plan provisions (including elections, designations, and waivers consistent with such provisions) to receive the benefit; or

(3) If no such person is so entitled, a survivor of the participant or beneficiary who is the participant's or beneficiary's living -

(i) Spouse, or if none,

(ii) Child, or if none,

(iii) Parent, or if none,

(iv) Sibling.

Subpart B plan or plan means a plan to which this subpart B applies, as described in § 4050.201.

Transferring plan means a subpart B plan that elects transferring plan status in accordance with § 4050.203.

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