29 CFR § 4063.1 - Cross-references.

§ 4063.1 Cross-references.

(a) Part 4062 of this chapter sets forth rules for determination and payment of the liability incurred, under section 4062(b) of ERISA, upon termination of any single-employer plan and, to the extent appropriate, determination of the liability incurred with respect to multiple employer plans under sections 4063 and 4064 of ERISA. Part 4062 also sets forth rules for determining the amount of liability incurred under section 4063 of ERISA pursuant to the occurrence of a cessation of operations as described by section 4062(e) of ERISA.

(b) Part 4068 of this chapter includes rules regarding the PBGC's lien under section 4068 of ERISA with respect to liability arising under section 4062, 4063, or 4064.

[61 FR 34082, July 1, 1996, as amended at 71 FR 34822, June 16, 2006]