29 CFR § 42.9 - Farm Labor Specialist (ESA).

§ 42.9 Farm Labor Specialist (ESA).

(a) The Assistant Secretary for ESA shall designate ESA Compliance Officers as Farm Labor Specialists (Specialists). The Specialists shall be assigned to area offices, or field stations under area offices, with significant numbers of agricultural worker activity as designated by ESA. These Specialists shall coordinate FLCRA and FLSA activities in agricultural employment and shall be responsible for:

(1) Conducting FLCRA/FLSA farm labor investigations;

(2) Serving as staff advisors and consultants to regional and area officials on FLCRA and FLSA;

(3) Coordinating FLCRA and FLSA activities with appropriate OSHA and USES activities;

(4) Directing special migrant farmworker enforcement activities;

(5) Monitoring the farm labor-related activities of significant crew leaders and growers in the area to ascertain that those against whom ESA has taken enforcement action are operating in compliance with FLCRA and FLSA;

(6) Conducting technical assistance and public information programs regarding FLCRA and FLSA;

(7) Coordinating of referrals to and from other federal and State agencies with farm labor responsibilities, such as OSHA and USES;

(8) Advising regularly the Regional Committee on actual farm labor working conditions in their areas and otherwise participating in regional coordination activities as directed by the Regional Committee; and

(9) Providing specialized training on FLCRA and FLSA as may be requried.