29 CFR § 4245.2 - Definitions.

§ 4245.2 Definitions.

The following terms are defined in § 4001.2 of this chapter: employer, ERISA, IRS, multiemployer plan, nonforfeitable benefit, PBGC, person, plan, and plan year.

In addition, for purposes of this part:

Actuarial valuation means a report submitted to the plan in connection with a valuation of plan assets and liabilities, which, in the case of a plan covered by subparts C and D of part 4281, shall be performed in accordance with subpart B of part 4281.

Available resources means, for a plan year, available resources as described in section 4245(b)(3) of ERISA.

Benefits subject to reduction means those benefits accrued under plan amendments (or plans) adopted after March 26, 1980, or under collective bargaining agreements entered into after March 26, 1980, that are not eligible for the PBGC's guarantee under section 4022A(b) of ERISA.

Financial assistance means financial assistance from the PBGC under section 4261 of ERISA.

Insolvency benefit level means the greater of the resource benefit level or the benefit level guaranteed by the PBGC for each participant and beneficiary in pay status.

Insolvency year means insolvency year as described in section 4245(b)(4) of ERISA.

Insolvent means that a plan is unable to pay benefits when due during the plan year. A plan terminated by mass withdrawal is not insolvent unless it has been amended to eliminate all benefits that are subject to reduction under section 4281(c) of ERISA, or, in the absence of an amendment, no benefits under the plan are subject to reduction under section 4281(c) of ERISA.

Reasonably expected to enter pay status means, with respect to plan participants and beneficiaries, persons (other than those in pay status) who, according to plan records, are disabled, have applied for benefits, or have reached or will reach during the applicable period the normal retirement age under the plan, and any others whom it is reasonable for the plan sponsor to expect to enter pay status during the applicable period.

Reorganization means reorganization under section 4241(a) of ERISA.

Resource benefit level means resource benefit level as described in section 4245(b)(2) of ERISA.