29 CFR § 516.1 - Form of records; scope of regulations.

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§ 516.1 Form of records; scope of regulations.

(a) Form of records. No particular order or form of records is prescribed by the regulations in this part. However, every employer subject to any provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, as amended (hereinafter referred to as the “Act”), is required to maintain records containing the information and data required by the specific sections of this part. The records may be maintained and preserved on microfilm or other basic source document of an automatic word or data processing memory provided that adequate projection or viewing equipment is available, that the reproductions are clear and identifiable by date or pay period and that extensions or transcriptions of the information required by this part are made available upon request.

(b) Scope of regulations. The regulations in this part are divided into two subparts.

(1) Subpart A of this part contains the requirements generally applicable to all employers employing covered employees, including the requirements relating to the posting of notices, the preservation and location of records, and the recordkeeping requirements for employers of employees to whom both the minimum wage provisions of section 6 or the minimum wage provisions of section 6 and the overtime pay provisions of section 7(a) of the Act apply. In addition, § 516.3 contains the requirements relating to executive, administrative, and professional employees (including academic administrative personnel or teachers in elementary or secondary schools), and outside sales employees.

(2) Subpart B of this part deals with the information and data which must be kept for employees (other than executive, administrative, etc., employees) who are subject to any of the exemptions provided in the Act. This section also specifies the records needed for deductions from and additions to wages for “board, lodging, or other facilities,” industrial homeworkers and employees whose tips are credited toward wages. The sections in subpart B of this part require the recording of more, less, or different items of information or data than required under the generally applicable recordkeeping requirements of subpart A.

(c) Relationship to other recordkeeping and reporting requirements. Nothing in 29 CFR part 516 shall excuse any party from complying with any recordkeeping or reporting requirement imposed by any other Federal, State or local law, ordinance, regulation or rule.