29 CFR § 548.502 - Other payments.

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§ 548.502 Other payments.

Extra overtime compensation must be separately computed and paid on payments such as bonuses or shift differentials which are not included in the computation of the established basic rate and which would have been included in the regular rate of pay. 26

26 Unless specifically excluded by agreement or understanding and prior authorization is obtained from the Administrator. See § 548.400(b).

Example 1.
An employee is paid on an hourly rate basis plus a production bonus, and also a shift differential of 10 cents for each hour worked on the second shift. The authorized basic rate under the agreement is the employee's daily average hourly earnings, and under the employment agreement he is paid one and one-half times the basic rate for all hours worked in excess of 8 each day. Suppose his production bonus is included in the computation of the basic rate, but the shift differential is not. In addition to overtime compensation computed at the basic rate the employee must be paid an extra 5 cents for each overtime hour worked on the second shift.
Example 2.
A piece worker, under his employment agreement, is paid overtime compensation for daily overtime and for hours of work on Saturday based on an authorized basic rate obtained by averaging his piece work earnings for the half-month. In addition, he is paid a monthly cost-of-living bonus which is not included in the computation of the basic rate. It will be necessary for the employer to compute and pay overtime compensation separately on the bonus. 27

27 See § 778.209 of this chapter for an explanation of how to compute overtime on the bonus.

[20 FR 5683, Aug. 6, 1955]