29 CFR § 776.24 - Travel in connection with construction projects.

§ 776.24 Travel in connection with construction projects.

The Act also applies to employees who regularly travel across State lines in the performance of their duties, even though the construction project itself is not covered. 13 If an employee regularly transports persons, materials, or equipment between jobs across State lines, or to a covered project, even within the State, as part of his duties for the contractor, he would be covered. As in other situations, the Act would not apply if crossing State lines or transporting persons, materials or equipment by the employee was isolated or sporadic rather than regular and recurring. Also, ordinary home-to-work travel, even across State lines, is not covered.

13Reck v. Zarmacay, 264 App. Div. 520, 36 N.Y.S. (2d) 394; Colbeck v. Dairyland Creamery Co., 17 N.W. (2d) 262 (S. Ct. S.D.).

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