29 CFR § 779.337 - Requirements of exemption summarized.

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§ 779.337 Requirements of exemption summarized.

(a) An establishment which is a “retail or service establishment” within the Act's statutory definition of that term (See discussion in §§ 779.312 to 779.336) must, to qualify as an exempt retail or service establishment under section 13(a)(2) of the Act (See § 779.301), meet both of the following tests:

(1) More than 50 percent of the retail or service establishment's total annual dollar volume of sales must be derived from sales of goods or services (or both) which are made within the State in which the establishment is located; and

(2) Either:

(i) The retail or service establishment must not be in an enterprise of the type described in section 3(s), or

(ii) If the retail or service establishment is in an enterprise of the type described in 3(s), it has an annual volume of sales (exclusive of excise taxes at the retail level which are separately stated) of less than $250,000.

(b) The language of the statute in section 13(a)(2) expressly excludes from the exemption an establishment or employee engaged in laundering, cleaning, or repairing clothing or fabrics or an establishment engaged in the operation of a hospital, institution, or school described in section 3(s)(4) of the Act. No exemption for these is provided under this section even if the establishment meets the tests set forth in paragraph (a) of this section. (See § 779.338(b).) With respect to laundering and drycleaning establishments, which Congress found to lack a retail concept (See § 779.317) and had provided with a separate exemption in former section 13(a)(3) of the Act, repealed by the 1966 amendments, this exclusion simply clarifies the congressional intent to cover employees in such work under section 3(s)(2) of the present Act and to make sure that no exemption under 13(a)(2) will be construed so as to defeat the purpose of repealing the prior special exemption.