29 CFR § 779.408 - “Full-time students”.

§ 779.408 “Full-time students”.

The 1961 Amendments added to section 14 of the Act, the authority to issue special certificates for the employment of “full-time students,” under certain specified conditions, at wages lower than the minimum wage applicable under section 6. The student, to qualify for a special certificate must attend school full time and his employment must be outside of his school hours and his employment must be in a retail or service establishment. In addition, the student's employment must not be of the type ordinarily given to a full-time employee. “The purpose of this provision,” as made clear in the legislative history, “is to provide employment opportunities for students who desire to work part time outside of their school hours without the displacement of adult workers” (S. Rept. 145, 87th Cong., first session, p. 29). The application of this provision was amplified by the 1966 Amendments to provide for the employment of full-time students regardless of age but in compliance with applicable child labor laws in retail or service establishments and in agriculture (not to exceed 20 hours in any workweek) or on a part-time or a full-time basis during school vacations at a wage rate not less than 85 percent of the applicable minimum wage (H. Rept. 1366, 89th Cong., second session, pp. 34 and 35). Regulations authorizing the issuance of certificates under this provision of the Act are published in part 519 of this chapter.