29 CFR § 780.155 - Delivery “to carriers for transportation to market.”

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§ 780.155 Delivery “to carriers for transportation to market.”

The term “delivery * * * to carriers for transportation to market” includes taking agricultural or horticultural commodities, dairy products, livestock, bees or their honey, fur-bearing animals or their pelts, and poultry to any carrier (including carriers by truck, rail, water, etc.) for transportation by such carrier to market. The market referred to is the farmer's market which normally means the distributing agency, cooperative marketing agency, wholesaler, or processor to which the farmer delivers his products. As in the case of “delivery to market,” when it involves travel off the farm (as would normally be the case) the delivery must be performed by the farmer's own employees in order to constitute an agricultural practice. Employees of the carrier who transport to market the commodities which are delivered to it are not within the scope of agriculture.