29 CFR Appendix A to Part 2201 - Schedule of Fees

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Appendix A to Part 2201 - Schedule of Fees
Type of fee Amount of fee
Threshold Amount (Amount below which fees will not be assessed) $10
Search and Review Hourly Fees:
Clerical (GS-9 and below) 23
Professional (GS-10 through GS 14) 46
Managerial (GS-15 and above) 76
Duplication cost per page 0.25
Computer printout copying fee 0.40
Searches of computerized records Actual cost to the Commission, but shall not exceed $300 per hour, including machine time and the cost of the operator and clerical personnel.
Certification Fee $35 per authenticating affidavit or declaration. (Note: Search and review charges may be assessed in accordance with the rates listed above.)

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