30 CFR § 1206.179 - What general requirements regarding processing allowances apply to me?

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§ 1206.179 What general requirements regarding processing allowances apply to me?

(a) When you value any gas plant product under § 1206.174, you may deduct from value the reasonable actual costs of processing.

(b) You must allocate processing costs among the gas plant products. You must determine a separate processing allowance for each gas plant product and processing plant relationship. Natural gas liquids are considered as one product.

(c) The processing allowance deduction based on an individual product may not exceed 66 2/3 percent of the value of each gas plant product determined under § 1206.174. Before you calculate the 66 2/3 percent limit, you must first reduce the value for any transportation allowances related to post-processing transportation authorized under § 1206.177.

(d) Processing cost deductions will not be allowed for placing lease products in marketable condition. These costs include among others, dehydration, separation, compression upstream of the facility measurement point, or storage, even if those functions are performed off the lease or at a processing plant. Costs for the removal of acid gases, commonly referred to as sweetening, are not allowed unless the acid gases removed are further processed into a gas plant product. In such event, you will be eligible for a processing allowance determined under this subpart. However, ONRR will not grant any processing allowance for processing lease production that is not royalty bearing.

(e) You will be allowed a reasonable amount of residue gas royalty free for operation of the processing plant, but no allowance will be made for expenses incidental to marketing, except as provided in 30 CFR part 1206. In those situations where a processing plant processes gas from more than one lease, only that proportionate share of your residue gas necessary for the operation of the processing plant will be allowed royalty free.

(f) You do not owe royalty on residue gas, or any gas plant product resulting from processing gas, that is reinjected into a reservoir within the same lease, unit, or approved Federal agreement, until such time as those products are finally produced from the reservoir for sale or other disposition. This paragraph applies only when the reinjection is included in a BLM-approved plan of development or operations.

(g) If ONRR determines that you have determined an improper processing allowance authorized by this subpart, then you will be required to pay any additional royalties plus late payment interest determined under § 1218.54 of this chapter. Alternatively, you may be entitled to a credit, but you will not receive any interest on your overpayment.