30 CFR § 1218.155 - Method of payment.

§ 1218.155 Method of payment.

(a) Payment of royalties and rentals. With the exception of first-year rental, the payor shall tender all payments in accordance with § 1218.51. First-year rental shall be paid in accordance with paragraph (c) of this section.

(b) Payment of the one-fifth bonus bid amount.

(1) Each lease bid must include a payment for the one-fifth bonus bid deposit amount unless the bidder is otherwise directed by the Secretary. Further instructions on how to make payment with the bid will be included in the notice of each lease offering. EFT may be used as a method of payment for the one-fifth bonus bid amount.

(2) Beginning with lease offerings held after February 1, 1984, the one-fifth bonus amount received from a high bidder shall be deposited into an escrow account created pursuant to an agreement between the Departments of the Interior and Treasury, pending acceptance or rejection of the bid. The one-fifth bonus funds will be invested in public debt securities. Investment of this amount by the U.S. Government does not indicate acceptance of the bid. The one-fifth bonus amounts submitted with bids other than the highest valid bid will be returned to respective bidders after bids are opened, recorded, and ranked. Return of such amounts will not affect the status, validity, or ranking of bids. The one-fifth bonus bid amount received from any high bidder and held by the Government pending acceptance or rejection, will be returned with actual interest earned, if the bid is subsequently rejected. The interest accrued during the period held in the account pending acceptance or rejection of the bid will accrue to the Government when the bid is accepted.

(c) Payment of the four-fifths bonus bid amount and the first year's rental. Payment shall be made to ONRR by EFT unless otherwise directed by the Secretary. The payment by EFT via the FRCS must be received by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York no later than noon, eastern standard time, on the 11th business day after receipt of the lease forms by the successful bidder. A “business day” is considered to be a day on which the OCS regional office issuing the lease is open for business. The lease will not be executed by the appropriate ONRR official until payment is received. Failure to remit by EFT or as directed by the Secretary within the time specified above will result in forfeiture of the one-fifth bonus bid amount and the lease will not be executed by the appropriate ONRR official. Payors will not be held responsible for late payment due to actions beyond their control, such as mechanical or systems failure of FRCS or FDS. Payors will be held responsible for incorrect actions of their bank which result in late payments. A 2-day grace period will be allowed to make up a deficient payment, but a late payment charge will be assessed for this late payment and a penalty will also be assessed if appropriate. Late payment charges will be assessed in accordance with subpart B of this part.

(d) General.

(1) Payors using the appropriate means of payment (EFT, check, etc.) may pay for multiple lease obligations with a single remittance but must ensure that the payment complies with subpart B of this part and the remittance advice adequately identifies the single payment. The format to be used for such identification will be provided by the ONRR Accounting Center.

(2) Where to pay.

(3) The ONRR mailing addresses for payments to ONRR are specified in § 1218.51.

(4) Payments received at the ONRR addresses after 4 p.m. mountain time are considered received the following business day.

(e) Miscellaneous payments. Payments shall be made to the manager of the appropriate Outer Continental Shelf field office by cash, check or bank draft payable to “Department of the Interior - ONRR” for miscellaneous payments such as:

(1) Pipeline rights-of-way application filing fees and rentals, pipeline accessory site rentals and application fees, and other related costs.

(2) Filing and approval fees for transfers of interest in leases.

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