30 CFR § 1243.3 - What definitions apply to this part?

§ 1243.3 What definitions apply to this part?

Assessment means any fee or charge levied or imposed by the Secretary or a delegated State other than:

(1) The principal amount of any royalty, minimum royalty, rental, bonus, net profit share or proceed of sale;

(2) Any interest; or

(3) Any civil or criminal penalty.

Designee means the person designated by a lessee under § 1218.52 of this title to make all or part of the royalty or other payments due on a lease on the lessee's behalf.

Lessee means any person to whom the United States, or the United States on behalf of an Indian tribe or individual Indian mineral owner, issues a lease, or any person to whom all or part of the lessee's interest or operating rights in a lease has been assigned.

ONRR bond-approving officer means the Deputy Director for Office of Natural Resources Revenue or an official to whom the Deputy Director delegates that responsibility.

ONRR-specified surety instrument means an ONRR-specified administrative appeal bond, an ONRR-specified irrevocable letter of credit, a Treasury book-entry bond or note, or a financial institution book-entry certificate of deposit.

Notice of order means the notice that ONRR or a delegated State issues to a lessee that informs the lessee that ONRR or the delegated State has issued an order to the lessee's designee.

Order means an order appealable under 30 CFR part 290 in effect prior to May 13, 1999 and contained in the 30 CFR, parts 200 to 699, edition revised as of July 1, 1998, under 30 CFR part 290 subpart B, or under 30 CFR part 1208.

Person means any individual, firm, corporation, association, partnership, consortium, or joint venture.

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