30 CFR § 19.11 - How approvals are granted.

§ 19.11 How approvals are granted.

(a) All approvals are granted by official letter from MSHA. A lamp will be approved under this part only when the testing engineers judge that the lamp has met the requirements of the part and MSHA's records concerning the lamp are complete, including drawings from the manufacturer that show the lamp as it is to be commercially made. No verbal reports of MSHA's decisions, concerning the investigation will be given, and no informal approvals will be granted.

(b) As soon as the manufacturer has received the formal approval he shall be free to advertise his lamps as permissible.

[Sched. 6D, 4 FR 4003, Sept. 21, 1939, as amended by Supp. 1, 20 FR 2718, Apr. 23, 1955]