30 CFR § 20.1 - Purpose.

§ 20.1 Purpose.

(a) The purpose of the investigations made under this part is to aid in the development and use of electric lamps, other than standard cap lamps, that may be used in mines, especially in mines that may contain dangerous proportions of methane.

(b) This part supersedes Schedule 10B, issued under date of June 1, 1932, and Schedule 11A, issued under date of January 13, 1936, and goes into effect May 17, 1938.


(1) Electric lamps and flashlights that meet the requirements set forth in this part will be termed “permissible” by MSHA, and if actively marketed will be listed as such in publications relating to permissible equipment, in order that State mine inspection departments, compensation bureaus, mine operators, miners, and others interested in safety equipment for mines may have information in regard to electric lamps and flashlights approved by MSHA.

(2) MSHA May approve electric lamps and flashlights that incorporate technology for which the requirements of this part are not applicable if MSHA determines by testing that the electric lamps or flashlights are as safe as those which meet the requirements of this part.

[Sched. 10C, May 17, 1938, as amended at 5 FR 3467, Aug. 30, 1940; 54 FR 30513, July 20, 1989]