30 CFR § 250.427 - What are the requirements for pressure integrity tests?

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§ 250.427 What are the requirements for pressure integrity tests?

You must conduct a pressure integrity test below the surface casing or liner and all intermediate casings or liners. The District Manager may require you to run a pressure-integrity test at the conductor casing shoe if warranted by local geologic conditions or the planned casing setting depth. You must conduct each pressure integrity test after drilling at least 10 feet but no more than 50 feet of new hole below the casing shoe. You must test to either the formation leak-off pressure or to an equivalent drilling fluid weight if identified in an approved APD.

(a) You must use the pressure integrity test and related hole-behavior observations, such as pore-pressure test results, gas-cut drilling fluid, and well kicks to adjust the drilling fluid program and the setting depth of the next casing string. You must record all test results and hole-behavior observations made during the course of drilling related to formation integrity and pore pressure in the driller's report.

(b) While drilling, you must maintain the safe drilling margin identified in § 250.414. When you cannot maintain the safe drilling margin, you must:

(1) Suspend drilling operations and submit proposed remedial actions to the District Manager. The District Manager must review and approve your proposed remedial actions, which may include limited drilling through a lost circulation zone; or

(2) Notify the District Manager and take further action in accordance with API Bulletin 92L (as incorporated by reference in § 250.198), if appropriate. You must submit a revised permit documenting any responsive actions taken.

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